Who are you cheering on?

As I watched football on Saturday I realized I was cheering on a group of people that more than likely  did not share my political or more importantly my religious views. Being a person who is very conservative and also believes Jesus is the only way to Heaven (John 14:6) assures me that the majority of this society and I do not agree on everything.

As I watched I wondered what would happen if the church of God would cheer on each other even though we may have had an injury? Even if the injury was our own doing. It is amazing the grace we will show an athlete if they can help our team but someone in our church does not receive the same grace when they stumble and fall. I am not saying that there should not be any discipline if a person continues to mess up, but don’t we all stumble and fall as we continue on this journey?

When is the last time you cheered someone on? When is the last time you encouraged someone who was not having a good game by telling them to hang in there or to not give up? We all need that encouragement so instead of just cheering on your team that has no eternal value, cheer on your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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