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Isaiah 3:8- 12 Sin will destroy a nation

Isaiah tells them the nation is getting ready to fall and the reason is because of the sins they are continuing to do. I cannot repeat myself enough that these are church people who are tithing, worshiping God but whose … Continue reading

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Isaiah 3:1-7 The Absence of Leadership

Leadership is something we are all supposed to do in this world but in today‚Äôs passage we will see what happens to a nation when people fail to lead. To lead just means to guide on a way especially by … Continue reading

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Isaiah 2:9-22 The Fate of the Proud

Pride is one of those things that we all have even if we do not admit it. We can tell we are proud people when we get mad when things do not go our way or if we get upset … Continue reading

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Isaiah 2:1-8 Begin with the end in Mind

Whenever you are trying to accomplish something in life whether it is getting a degree, losing weight or starting a business people always tell you to have a picture of what the end result will be. It is having the … Continue reading

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