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Isaiah 15 and 16 The Way of Deliverance

God now gives a vision to Isaiah about Moab and the impending destruction they will face. The Moabites were descendants of Lot (Gen 19:37) and even though they were not enemies the Moabites and Israel were hostile toward each other. … Continue reading

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Isaiah 14:24-32 Trusting God’s Promises

Isaiah now switches back to a prophecy that would be fulfilled before our lifetime but nonetheless shows us how we can trust God through the difficulties of life. Because whatever God says comes true we can trust His promises because … Continue reading

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Isaiah 14:12- 23 Cast Down

Today we are going to see not only what happened to the King of Babylon but also to anyone who sets themselves up to be gods of their own lives. Some people do all they can to explain away the … Continue reading

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saiah 14:9-11 A Peak Behind the Curtain

The King of Babylon is just like the city of Babylon that represented an actual city but also a belief system.  The King of Babylon was an evil dictator but these verses also show the works of Satan as well. … Continue reading

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Isaiah 14:4-8 The Strikes of Satan

Just like the real city of Babylon had a leader the religious belief system of Babylon also has a leader. When dealing with the topic of Satan in the book of Isaiah he is talking about an actual King but … Continue reading

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